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Bad Attitude: Were Witch Series Book 1

If you were forced to marry at twenty-five because of Were Tradition, would you?

Bailey Nordin is feeling the stress of pack obligations arriving too soon in her life.

She prefers to work on cars to going on a date.

A good fight is just a mornings’ work out and Bailey’s sarcastic wit has killed any chance of a date.

Her future isn’t looking bright.

Roland is on the run from three powerful witches who want him for… What he can provide.

Trying to hide freom the Witches, he ends up in the middle of a town so small, it’s hard to find on a map.

She’s a Were, He’s a Wizard – He might be her ticket out of her problems if she believed in magic.

Massive changes are coming down from the heavens, and Baily Nordin is the were in the middle.

Will she figure out how to break with tradition?

Go up and click ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Read for Free’ and join Baily as she learns just how unique she is, and why gods might want her.


“It’s like Romeo and Juliet… A Were and a Wizard fighting kidnappers, gods, and the mysterious government agency trying to hide the paranormal from society.

You know what? It’s actually nothing like Romeo and Juliet.

Except no one wants those two together, especially the witches.”