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Broken Ice: Reincarnation of the Morrigan Book 6

A meeting at the Houndsinn Trust building is cut short by a firebombing that turns out to have a magical connection.

Was Angelica Morgan’s mercy misplaced?

Oerla is back, and she’s not working alone. The Blinded Eye promise to wreak havoc until the trust—and Angelica—are brought down.

Ang learned her lesson about backdealing banshees the hard way. The phouka are just as unwilling to enlighten her as to the whereabouts of the Ice Woman.

The history of Ancient Ireland grows ever more connected to the present—and someone near to Ang is in danger from the Blinded Eye’s fanaticism. Ang must confess, but what is revealed in the wake of her revelation changes everything.

Can Angelica Morgan save those she loves from the machinations of angry gods? Or will she figure out the reality of the hidden world too late to prevent the ultimate sacrifice from being made?