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Dangerous Responsibilities: Piercing the Veil Book 2

Discovering that the world of magic and mythical creatures is real should have been cool.

Tell that to Lucas, who is now stuck in cat form.

With Lucas growing more and more catlike and less human, they’re against the clock. Can Nat and Rich get Lucas back into human form before it’s too late and he permanently becomes a fluffy cat who wants snuggles and tuna?

With no solution is sight for Lucas’ predicament, it’s time for the team to figure out what they’re going to do with the AR glasses they’ve created.

Can they really sell a way to see the world that’s been hidden for centuries to all the non-magical humans?

They’re still trying to decide when the team, along with Alia, are approached by the enforcers of the magic world.

There’s a werewolf up to no good, and their tech can help the authorities catch him.

After their last adventure, no one is sure they want to get into trouble again, but it beats trying to navigate business politics, and they still have bills to pay.

Can they catch the criminal and free Lucas from the curse? Or will they find that everything is far more dangerous and complicated than it first seemed?