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Decisions To Make: Piercing the Veil Book 3

The delicate balance between the wonder of experiencing magic firsthand and the danger that comes with perceiving the magical world is about to tip.

Which direction will it go for Natalie, Rich, and Lucas?

No matter how long the team has had to adjust to the existence of magic and mythical creatures around them, they still find themselves on the back foot when it comes to staying safe. After finally becoming a human again, Lucas still struggles to let go of his feline tendencies.

Could that help them fool the soldiers searching for them into thinking they’re magical?

With a werewolf as their ally and Alia giving them a home and teaching them everything they need to know to survive, they aren’t in as much danger as they could be.

Can they stay that way with the enforcers in over their heads as usual?

When a new witch comes to town and threatens every non-magical out there, those responsible for keeping the peace in the magical world decide that the best course of action is…no course at all.

With the enforcers choosing ignorance over doing their jobs, the chances of Nat, Rich, and Lucas coming out of this unscathed plummet. The only way they can avoid a grisly end is to deal with the danger themselves.

Once again, they find themselves helping the enforcers and taking on the criminals of the magical world. Only one thing is certain. Somebody is going to get hurt.

Can the unlikely team of allies take on a powerful villain determined to shatter the peace of both worlds? Or have their luck, brains, and allies run out?