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Lead: Para-Military Recruiter Book 4

With the possibility of a royal war on the horizon, Julie and Taylor are under pressure to step up their recruiting efforts.

Captain Kaplan orders Julie to complete her training. Now she has the full story, Julie has a better idea of the consequences if OPMA isn’t brought back to its full strength.

But three heads are better than one, even if one of their team doesn’t technically have a head.

Hat has an idea that takes the team deep into Avalon in their search for paras who are willing to stand up and fight for the right to live in peace.

While Julie and Taylor are working the recruitment angle, the heads of the seven families are preparing for the eventuality that the unrest rippling through the para world will erupt into violence.

Their presence at Julius Nox’s war council is all the inspiration the team need to put everything into their recruitment drive.

Taking one for the team doesn’t always turn out to be painful…

Julie is pulled back into her human life on their return when tragedy strikes.

In her absence, their enemies make their move, leading to a surprise discovery for Julie.

Can Julie, Taylor, and Hat save the heirs before disaster befalls the para world? How will it change her relationship with Taylor?