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Soldier: Para-Military Recruiter Book 6

Julie and her Griffin unit are sent from one mission to the next as the tension in the para world rises.

The emergence of Julie’s magic has come just in time to help her fight the para group taking their efforts to remove the Eternity Queen to deadly lengths.

The Sylthana Prince has stirred up a hornets’ nest by endorsing the Dark Moon League’s resurgence, and there are fears of a leak inside the agency.

OPMA are the ones responsible for ending their reign of terror before all of Avalon is lost to the flames of insurrection.

Added to the threat posed by the League is the first stumbling block for Julie and Taylor. Are their lives going in different directions, or are their differences reconcilable?

Julie has support in the form of two experienced hellions who are there to guide her through learning to control her growing magic and the ups and downs of being in her first serious relationship.

Despite their losses, OPMA back the League into a corner. But everyone knows a cornered animal is the most dangerous. Julie and her Griffins may have signed their own death warrants.

Can Julie and her teammates prevent all-out war from dividing the para world? Or will the machinations of the League’s leader come to fruition?